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Mediation FAQs
Consumers Guide to Mediation Services in Maryland.
What to Ask the Mediator Before I Choose
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Mediation Ombuds Program
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Consumer Resources : Introduction

Consumer Resources

You are in a dispute and you are trying to decide what to do. You have several options. You could do nothing, you could take the individual or business to court (or perhaps you are the one being taken to court) or you could go to mediation. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process which helps the people involved in the dispute decide whether they can come to an agreement, and if so, what the terms of the agreement will be.

Maryland offers a variety of mediation services that individuals and business can use to resolve their disputes. Mediation services are offered by the Maryland courts, government agencies, community mediation programs and private practitioners. Click on the Consumers Guide to ADR in MD or the Online Mediator Directory to find a mediator. For general information about mediation services call MACRO at 410-260-3540 or click on MACRO.

Do you have a question, comment or complaint about a mediation service? If so, please contact the Mediation Ombuds Program at 410-260-3540. The Ombuds is an impartial third party who will work to answer your questions or concerns as well as help to resolve any complaint you might have regarding mediation. It is a confidential service.

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