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Mediator Resources : Maryland ADR Programs

Maryland ADR Programs
District Court of Maryland ADR Office

District Court of Maryland ADR Office encourages the use of ADR options early and throughout the litigation process by using a network of volunteer mediators providing day of trial mediation and settlement conference services, at no cost to the parties. The District Court also works in partnership with community mediation centers across the state referring cases when appropriate. For additional information, visit the website at or call 410-260-1676.

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Mediation in Maryland Circuit Courts

Mediation in Maryland Circuit Courts is governed by Titles 9 and 17 of the Maryland Rules which outline ADR procedures in the circuit courts, and the training and experience required for mediators and other dispute resolution practitioners who are interested in receiving circuit court case referrals. Mediation practices vary from one court to the next. All appropriate contested custody and visitation cases are sent to mediation and each circuit court has a Family Services Coordinator who manages this process. Many jurisdictions have active ADR programs for other civil cases. Application forms can be found by clicking here.

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Maryland Commission on Civil Rights

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights provides mediation services for discrimination disputes. The mediations are provided by a roster of volunteers and are free of charge. To learn more about the program or how to become a volunteer mediator, visit their website at or call 410-767-6459.

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Community Mediation Maryland

Community Mediation Maryland is a non-profit organization advancing community mediation in Maryland through educating the public, training, networking and research. Maryland is home to eighteen community mediation programs that provide free or low cost mediation services at the neighborhood level. Each program relies on trained volunteer mediators and has a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Click on Community Mediation MD or call 410-349-0080 or visit their website at

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Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland offers free or low cost mediation, arbitration and customer dispute resolution programs for consumer-to-business and business-to-business disputes. Information about the programs offered and the rules that apply may be accessed online at click on "Dispute Resolution". Information about BBB Mediator and Arbitrator training can also be accessed at that same web site, click on "Dispute Resolution" then "Training".

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Maryland Association of REALTORS ®, Inc. Mediation Program

Although the majority of real estate transactions close without incident, there is a possibility that a problem or dispute could occur. When that happens, it is usually successfully resolved by the parties through normal communication and negotiation. In the past, when negotiations failed, parties took their case to court. Today, they are taking their disputes to mediation. Mediation can be used by any of the parties to a real estate transaction ... sellers, buyers, brokers, builders, home inspectors, etc. Any party can request mediation by contacting the mediation service provider and simply returning the written request form(s) provided to them. To request a mediation packet and/or for information, please contact the MAR Mediation Service Provider, OM Services at 800-291-9542 or 410-398-5091 or visit their website at

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